Modeling Actions

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This section summarizes all of the commands and gestures used to build a model in the Design Frame.

Creating and Naming a New Project

  1. Click File | New in the Menu. This will create a new project with an untitled main capsule
  2. Enter the Capsule's name in the 'Model Name' text area.
  3. Save the project using File | Save As

Add a Component, Display or Control

Inserting a component

  1. Open the Components (or Displays & Controls) design tab.
  2. Select the component by pressing on the mouse.
  3. Drag the component to the Model Canvas.

Connect Flow to Stock

Inserting a component

  1. Drag the cloud from the Flow connector over the Stock.
  2. You can delete the connection using the Flow property pane.

Programming a Component

Programming a component
Each component type is associated with a Property Pane which appears when you select the component. If a component requires an equation or program the Property Pane will contain a Value text area. You can type into this text area to specify the equation or program. You can also right-click any component to include that component's name in the code.

  1. Select the component by left-clicking
  2. If necessary, you can click the label Value to select all of the text in the text area for deletion.
  3. Enter the program into the Value text area.
  4. Right-click any component to insert its name into the Value text area at the cursor.

Connect Term and Stock to Flow By Programming

Connecting components by Equation

  1. Click on Flow to reveal its Properties Pane
  2. Click on the 'Value' label to select all of the text in the Program Text Area.
  3. Right-click on Term -- its name will appear at the cursor in the Flow Program Text Area (or type the name at the cursor). A connector from Term to Flow will appear.
  4. Continue by right-clicking (or typing) to insert Stock name into Text Area and create connector from Stock to Flow

Creating Dependency Connections

Creating Dependency Connections
A dependency connection asserts that one component must use the value of another in its equation. Dependency connectors remain dashed until the equation makes use of the dependency ("fulfilled"). A simulation will not launch until all dependencies are fulfilled.

  1. Select Tools | Add Connector
  2. Click on the source of the connector. A dashed band between the source and mouse appears.
  3. Click on the target of the connector. The connector will appear.
  4. Dependency connectors may be similarly selected for deletion using Tools | Delete Connector.