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Preference panel.png

User preferences can be set using the File | Preferences menu option. A popup window will provide four preference options: Full Mode versus SD / Development Mode, Connector Lines versus Connector Curves, White Background versus Black Background, and Number of Input Columns.

User preferences are stored on a per user rather than per project basis. Preference values persist until they are changed. Only the choice for curve type is intrinsic to a particular model. The other preferences may be changed at any time.

Full Mode / SD/Development Mode
Full Mode opens the runtime interface in a separate frame and provides access to the analytical tools. SD Mode creates a separate pane in the design frame for the runtime interface and also provides access to debugging and other development tools. It is possible to construct a model in SD Mode and then switch to Full Mode for final deployment.
Connector Lines / Curves
Connector Lines are straight line connectors with the option of adding inflection points, or "beads". Connector Curves are quadratic curves with a single control point. A model built using a particular connector choice retains that choice. If the curve choice of a particular model is contrary to the current preference selection, the user is given the option of either changing the preference or the current model curve.
White / Black Background
Choice of skin for the design and runtime panes.
Number of Input Columns
Determines the width of the input section of the Runtime Frame. Default is 3.