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Model Library

These examples can be found using the File | Browse Model Library menu item.

Written Tutorials

  • Gradient
    A simple 2-stock diffusion model from the Model Library.

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are a great way to jump into the Numerus platform. These tutorials will walk you through the basics of Numerus, including basic system dynamic models, agent-based models, and NovaScript.

Tutorial 1: Introduction to the Numerus Interface

First in a series of tutorials on using the Numerus Model Builder. This tutorial introduces the user interface and demonstrates a simple model. <youtube>qFG1PTbz9XQ</youtube>

Tutorial 2: Simple Population Model

How to build a simple exponential population model in Numerus <youtube>ye8_xKhbsGk</youtube>

Tutorial 3: Logistic Population Model

In this tutorial you will learn how to build a logistic growth model in Numerus. <youtube>2cJ9rZsZ_hQ</youtube>

Tutorial 4: Discrete Density-Dependent Population Growth

An introduction to discrete modeling using the Beverton-Holt equation. Exploration of some of the unexpected behaviors of the resulting model. <youtube>7v4QzWyoKlk</youtube>

Tutorial 5: Building Submodels

Presents the Numerus Model Builder's unique approach to modularization through the use of submodels. <youtube>o34d7WpQw2M</youtube>